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Rent Stages, Stage Rentals - New York, NYC, NY. 800.884.0653 - Pro AV Rentals is your one-stop shop for all of your staging requirements.  We service the Manhattan, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island.

We offer complete accessories to accent any stage installations, including...

- Pipe & Drape Rental
- Professional Lighting Rental
- Video, TV, Projector Equipment Rental
- Gobo, Monogram, Logo Projection Rental

Our equipment and services are suitable for any situation where a stage or riser is required...

- Outdoor Stages
- Indoor Concerts
- Festivals (Street, Park, Church, School)
- Zumbathons
- Runway / Catwalk
- Photo Shoots
- Corporate Events
- Sub-Floor Options
- Presentation
- Awards & Graduation Ceremonies
- Drum Risers
- DJ Risers
- Theatrical Performances
- Choral Risers
- Rolling Platforms


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Here are some examples of our work...

Stage Rental Waldorf-Astoria
Stage Extension @ Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom

Rent Stage - Mall Event
Pipe & Drape Kit with 8" Stage Riser

Risers Rentals are ideal for areas which only need to be elevated no more than 12" off the ground.  This is ideal for Drum Risers, Fashion Risers for Models, Performance stages in an area where you don't want your performers to be too high.  It's also perfect for graduation ceremonies, or just about any other situation.

Stage Rental - Conference
Stage for Conference and Presentation
Audio, Video, Lighting, & Production Services Provided.

Stage Rental - Fashion Catwalk, Runway Rental
Fashion Catwalks, Runways - ANY Design, Shape, Color
Custom Set Building Also Available!

Fashion Runway Rental - Fashion Week Stage
Runway - 4'W x 50' L
Custom Off White Carpet with Navy Blue Skirt (Non-Ruffled)

Runway Rental - Fashion Stage, Fashion Week
Custom Set Build - White Risers Boxes

Runway Rental - Fashion Stage, Fashion Week Stage Rental
Rustic Platform Risers

Fashion Runway Rental - NY Fashion Week
Individual Steel Platforms/Risers

Fashion runways come in all shapes and sizes.  You need to consider various factors when sizing your catwalk runway, such as how much room do you have available for the runway?  How much room do you want to take away from your guests for the runway?  How much room do your models need to walk down the catwalk?  How high do you need the catwalk to be?  What about lighting?  How will the models on the runway be lighted?  And of course the most important question of all... how do you want your runway to look?  There are many options available, and of course, budget is always a concern.  Give our catwalk runway professionals a call today and we'll work within your budget and time frame.  Fashion week is NY City's largest fashion oriented event.  Don't get left out in the dark or behind during fashion week.  We've been putting on fashion week events since 1992 and have worked with some of the world's most prestigious designers.  

Rent Stage - Outdoor Event
Outdoor Festivals, Events, Concert Staging

Stage Rental - DJ Riser
DJ Equipment Riser, Drum Riser

Choral Riser Rental - Rent Stage
Choral Riser Rentals - Any Size, Any Budget

We offer choral risers for just about any situation.  We can custom built a choral riser, or rent our prefabricated riser sections.  Set it up yourself, or let our professionals take care of delivery, set up, and most importantly the safety of your guests, while you focus on other aspects of your event.

Stage Rent - Choral Riser
Choral Riser Rentals - Any Size, Any Budget

Stage Rental - Choral Riser Rent
Choral Riser Rentals - Any Size, Any Budget

Rent Stages - NYC Auditorium
Auditorium Stage Platform

Rent Stage - Street Festival
Street Festival Performance Stage

Stage Risers - Photography Risers
Staff Picture for U.S. Attorney's Office - Riser Platforms

Stage Rental - Rent Stages NY, NJ, CT, PA
Rolling Stages & Platforms? Yes, we can accommodate any situation!

Stage Rental - Park Event Fundraiser
Non-Profit Fundraisers - Our Specialty!

Behind The Scenes...

Rent Stage - Stage Construction
Multiple Staging Systems For Any Situation...
Bil-Jax, Steeldeck, Wenger, Sequoia, Stage-Line Mobile Trucks & More!

Stage Rentals - Warehouse Stage Sub Floor
Sub-Floor Specialists.  Uneven surfaces?  Let's us build a Sub-Floor!

Rent Stages - Any Size, Any Budget
We have the capacity to accommodate from 4 square feet to 40,000 square feet!



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