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High Gloss Red Vinyl Runner

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Forget the red carpet.  Why not try our High Gloss Red Vinyl Runners!  You've seen the "WET" look in all the big music videos, now's your chance to shine during your moment of glory.  Ditch the traditional Red Carpet, and get yourself ahead of the trends with this unique runway option. 

We also have high gloss Black and high gloss White vinyl runners as well.  Easy to clean, easy to lay on the floor.  Let our professionals set this up for you, or feel free to pick up from our warehouse and do it yourself.

Of course, if you'd like a traditional red carpet, our red carpets are a deep red and have been used in all sorts of events from award ceremonies, celebrity events, fashion runways, and everything in between.  Nothing says CLASSIC like a Red Carpet Runner Rental.

Rent Red Carpet Runner, Red Vinyl Runner - Glossy, NY, NYC

 Black Carpet Runner Rental, High Gloss Vinyl Rental

White carpet runner rental, White Vinyl Rental - High Gloss Flooring


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