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Chauvet Nimbus - Dry Ice Machine

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Chauvet Nimbus Professional Dry Ice Machine

Pro AV Rentals is proud to announce the Chauvet Nimbus Dry Ice Machine. Ideal for any event where low lying fog is required.  

Perfect for special effects, or dancing on cloud moments for any formal function, especially weddings.  It takes about 10lbs of dry ice to operate, and of course, more the longer you need it to operate.  The dry ice is NOT included, and this is something that you will need to source and supply on your own.

Dry Ice Vendors serving our area (NYC Metro).  (hint, just google "Dry Ice, your town name")

- United City Ice Cube Co (NY, NY) - 212.563.0819
- Armato Ice (NY, NY) - 212.737.1742
- Dry Ice Corp (Flushing, NY) - 718.392.9300

Once you've purchased the dry ice, you will want to break it up into smaller pieces.  Please use care and caution when handling Dry Ice.  Always wear gloves!

Now, some information about the unit itself....

Nimbus is a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. This powerful machine heats enough water to create fog from 10lbs of dry ice to provide over 10 minutes of run time. Dual heaters allow for faster heat-up and recycle times, a low water sensor increases safety, and an adjustable, multi-level control arm allows the output and flow to be easily controlled.


  • Professional dry ice machine creates thick, white fog that hugs the floor
  • Simple, plug-n-play operation quickly heats water to its optimal operating temperature
  • Second heating element heats the water in half the time
  • Adjustable, multi-level control handle manipulates the output and flow
  • Low-water and temperature sensors automatically shut off heaters for added safety


  • Input voltage: 120 V 60 Hz
  • Power and current (single element): 1500 W, 12.6 A
  • Power and current (dual element): 3000 W, 25.2 A
  • Tank capacity: 4.5 gal
  • Heat-up time (single element): 50 min
  • Heat-up time (dual element): 30 min
  • Average runtime: 6 min
  • Reheat time (single element): 30 min
  • Reheat time (dual element): 15 min
  • Dry ice capacity: 10 lbs
  • Max water temperature: 175 degrees F
  • Weight (empty): 28.6 lbs
  • Weight (full): 75 lbs
  • Size: 20 x 18 x 19 in
  • Approvals: CE


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