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1st Annual Global Spin Awards

2012 Throwback

In the changing climate of the music industry there has been one constant – the DJ, who has yet to be recognized exclusively for their contribution to both music and entertainment industries.

The Global Spin Awards will be the Premier DJ Award & Ceremony.

In recognizing that DJ’s often go overlooked, Shawn Prez (Bad Boy Records Executive and founder of the 15 year old premier Urban Lifestyle Marketing firm Power Moves Inc, created the GSAs to award and honor the world’s most dynamic DJs who have impacted diverse audiences globally and across genres.

The team at Crossfire sprung into action when the following call was received…  The event producers stated their original AV company could not satisfy their technical rider and requirements for the event, and the event was less than 48 hours away.  It’s the First Annual Award show of it’s kind, acknowledging the accomplishments and goals of DJ’s worldwide.  Taking place at the NY Times Center, major insurance requirements also had to be satisfied in time.  Of course, none of this was an issue for the professionals at Crossfire.

We arrived with all the required Equipment for a historic event which is now in it’s 8th year edition!  

Crossfire was called again for subsequent years, and we continue to be a driving force within the global DJ community providing support at every level.

2012 Equipment List:

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